Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind.
- Rudyard Kipling
From innovative concepts to engaging content both online and offline…

I am a professional writer with extensive experience working in a variety of different sectors in the media industry including advertising, television, gaming and print. The work you will see in my web portfolio is a cross-section of produced work I devised and wrote from a few years ago up to today.
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Chris Northey

Quick Profile

  • Educational content provider for over 10 years.
  • Originated content for the BBC, Sega and Saatchi & Saatchi and Tennis Australia
  • Excellent online research skills and SEO based content experience
  • Blogs, forums and other Social Media writing

Magazine Writing

centre-spread articles in various monthly issues of Tennis Magazine including articles on tennis superstitions, tennis lingo and tennis statistics for the London Olympic Issue.

Tennis Lingo : War of the Words

Think you know your tennis talk? Perhaps not as well as CHRIS NORTHEY, who takes us through the top 10 tennis terms. Tennis is a funny old game. People love you one minute and then want to drop you the next; someone is always waiting to shout out your faults; and no matter how nice you are somebody is always taking advantage of you. Read more

Stats Tennis

Tennis is truly a numbers game when you consider the impressive records that shape its history. CHRIS NORTHEY reports…
People say that infinitives should not be split. Superlatives, on the other hand, should definitely be broken, especially in this Olympic year. According to the dictionary definition, a superlative is something of the highest possible excellence or achievement. Read more


Superstitious players love their routines but whether they help or hinder performance is up for debate. CHRIS NORTHEY reports on the strange goings-on of the world's top players.

Fate, destiny, fortune and of course luck. These four foes have been the cause of arguments since time began. Read more

Website Content

Well written and grammatically correct website content for you and your business.




Re-designed, devised content and functionality for this private English Language School in Leeds



Originated, developed and wrote the content for this step by step writing website to help students prepare for the internationally renown IELTS Exam.


centre-spread articles in various monthly issues of Tennis Magazine including articles on tennis superstitions, tennis lingo and tennis statistics for the London Olympic Issue.

TV Proposals

Writing compelling, grammatically accurate and punchy proposals for new television show content.

Cash in your Town

You've uncovered treasures in the attic and spotted bargains at car boot sales, now get ready to turn the knowledge about your hometown into REAL cash. Every town, city and village in Britain is rich in history… full proposal

Date me and my house

Forget personal ads, chat up lines and internet dating, looking around someone's house is the best way to tell what somebody is like and whether you want to date them or not. So… let's get ready to go knocking… full proposal

From Start To Finish

The Quiz where contestants answer questions about the beginnings, middles and ends of absolutely everything. In this round, players take it in turn to answer questions on all sorts of beginnings, middles and ends… full proposal

Ghosts Behaving Badly

Been to Relate, done Family Counselling and spent time on the Couch, but nothing works. Then it's time to call the Ghost Counsellors - a team of paranormal psychologists because it could be the ghosts behaving badly… full proposal

Great Ideas Of War

Out of the Blood, Sweat and Tears of War come Great Ideas as this series shows… War may cause sorrow, death and destruction - but every one of us benefits from what it brings to our daily lives.… full proposal

Time Chefs

Celebrity chefs are thrown back in time and challenged to re-create a famous meal from history in just 24 hours - before it's judged by a team of historians.… full proposal

Educational Material

How Art Thou?

What is art? Why does a painting evoke certain emotions? How does a painter make people go to museums and art galleries and stand for hours on end staring at a portrait or a landscape? The answer is to be found possibly in the text… full article

I Cannot Dream!

I've tried everything but I just cannot get to sleep and that means I cannot dream. The doctors say I have a disorder called insomnia, which means I cannot get to sleep. I haven't slept for 3 months since Christmas. My eyes don't look like … full article

I am happy now

Five years ago Mark Watson lived in one of the busiest cities in the world, London. He worked as a sales man in a very demanding job, but now he lives in the middle of a forest. Instead of hearing the sound of cars, buses and trains, he listens to the sound … full article

Luck or destiny?

Do you believe in luck or believe that everything happens for a reason? Well, when people talk about bad things that have happened to them they usually say they are lucky to be alive, But is it luck or destiny?There was a man who was walking down the street when a bus lost control and … full article


Billy and Jessica share a flat together. Look at the following phrases and guess which one of them said them … full article

Adventures In English Title Page

Title Page for Adventures in English! full article

Memories of My Childhood

They say that your childhood years are some of the best years of your life and are also very important in making who you are today as an adult. If I close my eyes I can see myself as a 10 year old playing with my … full article

Money To Burn

This is Malcom Stanton, one of the richest men in the world. He is not just a millionaire, he is a multi-millionaire. But he is probably one of the unhappiest people in the world too. They say money can't buy … full article

My Big Birthday Surprise

"It's my birthday today. Usually I start the day with a delicious breakfast in bed which my husband makes for me - croissants, rich aromatic coffee and a refreshing glass of orange juice. I am still waiting for it now. I also listen to my favourite music … full article

The Dangerous Desert Adventure - angry king

You are in the middle of the blazing hot desert about to set off on your adventure. You are excited and scared at the same time. Suddenly, there is a loud scream. One member of your group sees a black beetle in the sand… full article

The Dangerous Desert Adventure - Set Up

Adventure Briefing
A – The Location… full article

The Sahara Shop

You’ve got £___ to spend on items for your expedition across the desert. Choose wisely and think of a reason why you would need to take each one:… full article

My Blog, SEO & Guest Blogs

Game, Set and Behatch

"The city of Melbourne was once called Batmania. And tonight at Melbourne Park the years rolled back as another super hero was in action: Novak Djokovic…" visit blog

Around The World In Wonderful Wines

Guest blog written for Roberson Wine - "Life is short. So you should enjoy the finer things in life such as wining, dining and travelling. Although travelling is great for the soul, it does take time and a lot of money…" read blog

Britain’s Toughest Bike Rides

Guest blog written for Velosure Cycle Insurance - "You’ve got your bike, you’ve got good health, but have you got the courage to take on some of the toughest bike climbs in the UK? Packed with physical and mental challenges…" read blog

A Novice’s Guide to Cycling

Guest blog written for Velosure Cycle Insurance - "We have all got to start to somewhere when it comes to taking up a new hobby or leisure pursuit. Most of us would have loved somebody to tell us the secrets…" read blog

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Published and successful professional content writer and producer within the media industry with proven experience writing for different platforms and target markets.

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